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Beats Solo HD itself is a simplified version of Monster beats Studio,Compared with the studio's appearance, seems small, and today I'm going to test the Monster beats solo HD red version, the same manufacturing process, solo red giving a stunning, cool feeling. In the streets to bring Dr Dre Headphones Solo HD RED, will got a very high retention rates.

Features: website Folding design, easy carry.

Audio-Technica headphones SQ505 is a popular mid-xafs portable headphones. On the model in terms of, ATH-SQ505 is the ATH- SQ5's follow-up version, the overall design of the headphones on, SQ505 basically retained the previous generations Founder elegant design, but have the machine in detail. In addition, body color side SQ505 has become more calm, with only red, white and black three options.

Audio-Technica ATH-SQ505 in quality and appearance are very good. Especially the appearance of the area is full Monster Beats of character elements. If you prefer a different style, you can try.

I've owned these beats ibeats headphones for about a year now. They are great and high quality for sure. I spent about two weeks trying to compare and contrast many headphones and this is the one I decided was the best. I compared it to Sony's comparable headphones and Bose's. The Sony's were just not on par with quality, at least for the music I listen to. The Bose's were just too pricey for its quality. I also got the Beats for about $100 under retail price so that was a definite plus for me.

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