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We're hearing some unconfirmed reports that the doctors -- to Canada after the shooting but police say they believe he's still right here in the United States.

Julie Banderas is following this story from New York this afternoon cops search the doctor's home to do we know they found anything.

Yeah swat teams did conduct -- now nine hour search in fact of doctor Timothy Jordan's home yesterday there was no sign of him.

But there was however a startling discovery made by police leaving the home.

Was an off duty buffalo cop on long term sick leave.

And an apparent close friend of Jordan the man was reportedly carrying a Rolex watch about 5000 dollars in cash and a registered gun.

Police continue to question him.

Right now it's under investigation.

We don't know -- we're still we're still investigating why he was there.

So there are some possible departmental charges coming but other -- that can't can't answer that.

police say the gunman lured the victim into a hospital stairwell before fatally shooting her multiple times at point blank range yesterday morning.

More than 24 hours later doctor -- the person of interest remains at large and is considered to be armed and dangerous.

We're also learning more about Breitling watches the victim fake watches shot 33 year old Jacqueline was is ski.

A single mom who was looking forward to her -- pre K graduation today.

Who in confided in friends that Jordan had abused her and had been stalking her with the askew by the way is reportedly.

An ex lover who works at the -- at the hospital as a receptionist.

A police at this point not commenting on a motive.

What what more do we know about this doctor Julie -- he was a war hero believe it or not and an award winning one about the former army special forces surgeon is a decorated soldier with a career that spanned eighteen years.

During which he earned numerous medals and accommodations in fact back in 1996 when Jordan was profiled in the newspaper the -- graduated from the university of buffalo school of medicine.

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