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Newport News Mayor Joe Frank has written a letter to city voters in support of Republican Del. Phil Hamilton is his re-election race against Democratic Robin Abbott.

Frank, a Democrat, has been backing Hamilton for a long time, but the letter lays the stakes pretty clearly in the race. For those of you keeping score, he did use his own letterhead. it is:

Newport News is a great city, and I've been honored to serve as its Mayor. One of the reasons the quality of life in our city continues to improve is that we have effective representation working for us in Richmond. That's why I'm asking you to vote for Delegate Phil Hamilton on Tuesday, November 3.

Phil Hamilton has a record of accomplishment - both for Newport News and Virginia - that is among the very best in the Virginia General Assembly. He's been a leader in the fight to improve both the access to and affordability of health care. Long a champion for quality mental health care, Phil led the successful effort to reform Virginia's delivery of mental health care services after the tragedy at Virginia Tech. And, Phil wrote the law that requires insurance companies to allow mastectomy patients to stay in the hospital for at least two days after surgery.

Before he became a legislator, Phil Hamilton was known to many in our city as an education, having served Newport News Public Schools as a classroom teacher, assistant principal, and school administrator in charge of improving other educators. He brings that perspective and experience to Richmond, and has fought successfully for more funding for Newport News School, improving school and teacher performance, and strengthening vocational and technical education.

Phil Hamilton has been particularly effective at ensuring Newport News gets its fair share of state revenues. He secured funding and incentives to help create new jobs at Canon, Continental AG and AREVA. He fought for resources to improve area roads, securing funding to widen additional sections of Jefferson Avenue and to widen Fort Eustis Boulevard. He helped ensure Christopher Newport University received the funds it needed for major construction projects, including the Integrated Math and Science Building and planning funds for the Luter School of Business. And, Phil Hamilton has worked to keep our cultural attractions active and vibrant, obtaining funding for Lee Hall Mansion, End View Plantation, the Virginia Living Museum and the USS Monitor Center at the Mariners' Museum.

Having Phil Hamilton providing the people of Newport News with effective representation in Richmond has made a positive difference for our city. We need him to stay right where he is, working on our behalf. Please remember to vote for Phil Hamilton on Tuesday, November 3. Frank

Mayor City of Newport News

It shouldn surprise that Joe Frank would support Phil Hamilton. They are, after all, Cheap Omega Watches cut from the same cloth. Joe orchestrates the spending of tens of millions on an ill-advised reservoir project that was, in the end, only an extension of his ego. Hildebrand was fired but, even in the face of the failure of his pet project and the demise of his minion, Joe can muster the integrity to resign. Now, Hamilton caught with his hand in the public pocket on a sham arrangement with ODU, receives Frank endorsement after he refuses to resign. Considering the comments posted above, Newport News gets the representation it deserves.

Have you read Del. Hamilton budget amendment, Dr. Seth? Are you aware of the fact that his budget amendment replica omega was for a teacher training center to be set-up in a secondary ed public school (An Achievable Dream to be exact)? There was no mention of any college or university at all as it was not his intention for the center to be controlled by a university. ODU was later added when the bill went to the SENATE! Please don proclaim someone guilt until you research the FACTS and Abbott smut campaign fliers and commercials, and the media don count as facts. On another note, As a teacher who was able to further my education thanks to the cohorts Del. Hamilton set up between my school division and ODU, I can tell you that he absolutely did work for his income. Thanks to this situation being completely misrepresented by Abbott and the media, these co-horts are no longer available to teachers who wish to take these classes to help us become better educators. As a teacher and ODU student, I am also aware of numerous teaching/leadership workshops that Hamilton set-up and arranged. Many of the ideas and skills that he teaches in the Leadership Academy were also shared at these workshops. Luckily, the election won be left up to you. Del. Hamilton has done great things for this area, including saving shipyard jobs, fighting for medicare benefits for the elderly, helping the disabled, and the list goes on and on. He will continue his good works for this area in the future.

Thank you Mayor Frank, for your honest words regarding the race in the 93rd district. After all the negativity surrounding this campaign, it is refreshing to hear a partisan official speak the truth about my dad, Phil Hamilton.

Like you, my dad loves this community and has served it well for the past 35 years, as a classroom teacher, assistant principal, and legislator. He has devoted his life to public service, being a voice for others, and especially for those who have no voice, such as children, the mentally ill, and disabled. Thank you for recognizing these accomplishments and the need for my dad to continue working for the betterment of our community.

While the negative and dishonest attacks in this campaign have weighed on us, we have risen above it as a family, with the kindness of so many loyal supporters and friends. Mayor Frank, the honest words in this letter mean more to me than you will ever know. Thank you for looking across party lines to support my dad in his continued efforts to improve our community.

Also, thank you Madeline McMillan and Pat Woodbury for also recognizing the value of Phil previous and future service. We appreciate your grass roots efforts to support our re-election and you too have shown a commonality of frienship.

This community has stood together, persons of all parties and backgrounds, to support a proven leader who cares about the Peninsula.

This election has given us faith in the kindness of humanity and the nature of forgiveness. To all persons, of all backgrounds, who have supported us and kept us going . Thank You.

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We're hearing some unconfirmed reports that the doctors -- to Canada after the shooting but police say they believe he's still right here in the United States.

Julie Banderas is following this story from New York this afternoon cops search the doctor's home to do we know they found anything.

Yeah swat teams did conduct -- now nine hour search in fact of doctor Timothy Jordan's home yesterday there was no sign of him.

But there was however a startling discovery made by police leaving the home.

Was an off duty buffalo cop on long term sick leave.

And an apparent close friend of Jordan the man was reportedly carrying a Rolex watch about 5000 dollars in cash and a registered gun.

Police continue to question him.

Right now it's under investigation.

We don't know -- we're still we're still investigating why he was there.

So there are some possible departmental charges coming but other -- that can't can't answer that.

police say the gunman lured the victim into a hospital stairwell before fatally shooting her multiple times at point blank range yesterday morning.

More than 24 hours later doctor -- the person of interest remains at large and is considered to be armed and dangerous.

We're also learning more about Breitling watches the victim fake watches shot 33 year old Jacqueline was is ski.

A single mom who was looking forward to her -- pre K graduation today.

Who in confided in friends that Jordan had abused her and had been stalking her with the askew by the way is reportedly.

An ex lover who works at the -- at the hospital as a receptionist.

A police at this point not commenting on a motive.

What what more do we know about this doctor Julie -- he was a war hero believe it or not and an award winning one about the former army special forces surgeon is a decorated soldier with a career that spanned eighteen years.

During which he earned numerous medals and accommodations in fact back in 1996 when Jordan was profiled in the newspaper the -- graduated from the university of buffalo school of medicine.

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